One of my favorite episodes

On Episode 100 of the Hour of History Podcast, I looked back at some of the great conversations I had. Looking back at four years of working towards a Ph.D., my most meaningful memories are about the podcast – a side project that received no support from the program. 100 Episodes: Our World, Anytime, Anyplace… Continue reading One of my favorite episodes

Teaching the First Opium War

Growing up, I was a huge fan of James Clavell’s novel Tai-Pan. Although the novel might be a little outdated today, it serves as an excellent fictional introduction to the British perspective of the Opium Wars. When I teach the Opium Wars now, I use the Opium Wars essay written for MIT’s Visualizing Cultures series.… Continue reading Teaching the First Opium War

Hour of History ver. 2021

Feliz año nuevo, 2021. This year, the Hour of History will take a different form from past versions. Although I will remind you to take a look at previously recorded podcasts from time to time, I will use this space to share interesting history that I come across in teaching, reading, and writing rather than… Continue reading Hour of History ver. 2021