John Locke’s Pancakes

As we get closer to the beginning of a new school year I will share some of the resources that I have used to make interesting classes in the past. I will start with the recipe for pancakes written by John Locke. This was collected by Dr. Keith Korcz at the University of Louisiana, who has some excellent Enlightenment-era resources here:


“Take sweet cream 3/4 pint. Flower a quarter of a pound. Eggs 7 leave out 4 of the whites. Beat the Eggs very well. Then put in the flower, beat it a quarter of an hower. Then put in six spoonfuls of the Cream, beat it a little. Take a new sweet butter half a pound. Melt it to oyle, & take off the skum, power in all the clear by degrees beating it all the time. Half a grated nutmeg & little orangeflower water. Frie it without butter. This is the right way.”

from: A Locke Miscellany, ed. by Jean S. Yolton

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