Little Changes make a Big Difference

December was always the month that traffic would go down at the Hour of History Podcast. People are much busier and the days seem shorter, so they consumer less entertainment. It reminds me of conversations I have had about the New Year being the worst time to make life changes. The days are short and cold and it takes so much energy do the regular things well.

How about we make Now Years Resolutions that start immediately as you think of them? Not tomorrow, or after the calendar changes, but immediately.

This year I have done a core workout with Peloton every Monday since the school year began. I have used it as a cross-training activity in addition to my normal running regime. I do Peloton workouts on other days as well, usually Wednesday and Friday, but I never miss Mondays. It is one small Now Years Resolution that made a big difference in the way I feel this year.

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