Boycotting the Olympic Games

Today is the opening ceremony of the 2022, Beijing Olympic Games. It seems like it was just yesterday that Beijing controversially hosted the Summer Olympics in 2008. Now, rather than a global focus on the PRC government persecution of Tibetans in Tibet, it is the Uighurs in Xinjiang who are facing dire odds.

I personally will not be watching the Olympic Games this year as it is clear Beijing has continued to commit genocide in Tibet and Xinjiang. I support the Chinese people and do not blame them for their government, but believe that the world needs to rethink how Olympic Games are used as a political platform for nefarious regimes.

On the Hour of History, I spoke with Harry Blutstein about how important the games can be, and I invite people to look into the history of the games and the political uses of the games and sports in general. Let’s be mindful of the media we consume and support.

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