101 Days – Travel by Train

One of the most exciting things for Americans abroad is the abundancy of rail travel abroad. If you haven’t already read the man in seat 61’s blog – head over there and learn about the country to which you are traveling. I have used his advice for trips on the Trans-Siberian railway, trains across the Balkans, and trains around the Caucuses.

As a longtime fan of the Japanese video game series Densha de Go, I can’t wait to ride a number of different trains in Japan. In fact, like planes, the travel part of the journey is almost as exciting to me as the rest of the vacation.

On your next journey, try taking a train. Bring along a notebook and enjoy the sounds and sights of slow travel where you can see the landscape, meet some locals, and have ample time to think and reflect.

Phrase of the Day: この電車は_____に停まりますか?- Kono densha wa ________ ni tomarimasuka? – Will this train stop at ____________ ?

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