100 days – The Power of The Countdown

I usually have three or four countdowns going at the same time. That doesn’t mean that I ignore the present moment, but it is a way of looking forward to something and working toward something. Milestones, such as 100 days, appeal to us because of the predeliction for round numbers in a decimal system and are also fun excuses to refocus your goal.

While I am 100 days away from traveling to Japan, I am only 39 days away from the Rock N Roll Arizona Marathon. With only 39 days to the marathon, there are only a few really long runs remaining to prepare and the focus shifts to healthy habits when not running. My build up to the marathon hasn’t been perfect, but I am able to look back on the countdown timeline and reflect on what went well and what went poorly. As I cross the to the final 40 days, the feeling is much different than 100 days left. Rather than excitement, tension and apprehension begin to creep in. Did I train enough? Do the next few weeks make that much of a difference? What will the race day situation be like?

In that same line of thought, today is December 7. Right now gyms are mostly empty and there aren’t too many people training outside. However, in three weeks when the calendar shows 2023, people will start their resolutions and begin going to the gym and training for something new. I discourage this sort of thing and suggest you start training today, right now. Enjoy the countdown, use the celebrations and ceremonies to start something new, but remember that it is always the present moment that is the most important.

Phrase of the Day: よくできました –  Yoku dekimashita – Good Job, well done.

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