95 Days – Walking in the Rain

Not many people imagine they will travel and the weather will be terrible the whole time, but it happens. You should always have a rainy day plan, just in case. When I walked the Camino Ingles, I had wonderful weather from Ferrol to Santiago, but when I continued from Santiago to Finisterre, it rained the entire time. Rather than walk in the same way, I took much longer cafe breaks, stopped in Cee, and accepted that I would not be able to accomplish the same walk given the rainy conditions.

When I have been traveling in cities during the rain, there are so many other options that you can follow. My favorite was Cuba, where everything stops when it rains. Appointments are cancelled, people stay home, and if you are caught in the rain people will invite you in to sit with them and wait it out. My plans changed frequently with the rain in Cuba, but I greatly enjoyed it.

Phrase of the day: 雨が降っている。- Ame ga futte iru. – It’s raining

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