90 Days – Breakfast Culture Abroad

One challenge abroad is adapting to different schedules. If you are someone like me who wakes up at the same time every day, this can be a real challenge. Walking in Spain was often a challenge for me, as I would walk for several hours before stores and cafes opened. In Korea, other than western chains, there weren’t many breakfast options. Regardless of where you go, it is good to prepare for breakfast. I asked ChatGPT about breakfast in Japan and here was the reply:

“Breakfast culture in Japan is similar to that in many other countries, with a focus on a balanced and nourishing meal to start the day. Common breakfast foods in Japan include rice, miso soup, grilled fish, pickled vegetables, eggs, and tofu. In some households, breakfast may also include bread, cereal, or other Western-style items.

Breakfast is often served with green tea, and it is common for people to drink coffee or other beverages as well. Some Japanese people may also have a small snack later in the morning, such as a piece of fruit or a rice ball.

Breakfast in Japan is typically a fairly simple and traditional meal, with a focus on whole, nourishing foods. It is often eaten at home, but some people may also stop at a local café or bakery to grab a quick breakfast on the go.”

Sounds good to me! While we might not have home cooked breakfasts there are always the convenience stores in cities.

Phrase of the day: 朝ごはんはコンビニで買います。(asagohan wa konbini de kaimasu.) I buy breakfast at the convenience store.

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