87 Days – Prepare for Change

My previous post was about getting sick before, during, or after travel. Sometimes, however, it isn’t you who is the reason for travel disruption. Weather, politics, and a number of different issues can also significantly change your travel plans.

When I was in Belize, the morning I was set to depart the air traffic controllers went on strike. It lasted for several hours, before the government worked things out and it meant I got a lot of reading done. That same trip, on the flight back to NYC, the plane landed in the snow. The flying part of the equation was no problem, but because there was no one to plow the taxiway, I had to sit on the runway for a few hours in the late evening before deplaning.

As ancient wisdom dictates – this too shall pass. Both the good and the bad come and go. Just be sure you have a good book ready (I like to start a few before traveling).

Phrase of the day: とうじょうぐち には いつ ごろ いくべき でしょうか Tōjōguchi niwa itsu goro ikubeki deshōka ? When do I have to be at the gate?

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