80 Days – Airline Unpredictability

Watching the meltdown of major airlines in the US over the past few days has brought to mind one of the biggest challenges of travel – airline unpredictability. Airlines want to get you to your destination, but several things beyond weather can create circumstances that greatly change your planned trip. The only advice I can offer is to maintain a cool head and don’t be afraid to make significant changes. Unfortunately for folks on Southwest Airlines flights for the next four days, holiday plans will have to be altered significantly. Always be ready for change.

I think of the travelers on the old Tokaido road. They undoubtedly came across situations that significantly changed their desired travel plans. And while their travel may have been slower, it was likely much more expensive for significant changes. Yet, thousands of people traveled between Tokyo and Kyoto for a number of different cultural, social, and economic reasons. So it goes…

Phrase of the day:

  • お土産を買いますか (Omiyage wo kaimasu ka) – “Would you like to buy a souvenir?”
  • 荷物を預けますか (Nimotsu wo azukemasu ka) – “Can I check my luggage?”
  • チェックインをしたいです (Chekkuin wo shitai desu) – “I would like to check in.”
  • チケットを提示します (Chiketto wo teiji shimasu) – “I will present my ticket.”
  • フライト番号は何ですか (Furaito banngo wa nan desu ka) – “What is the flight number?”
  • ボーディングゲートはどこですか (Boodingu geeto wa doko desu ka) – “Where is the boarding gate?”
  • 預り荷物のクレームカウンターはどこですか (Azurinimotsu no kureemu kauntaa wa doko desu ka) – “Where is the baggage claim counter?”
  • 空港から市内中心部への交通手段はありますか (Kuukou kara shinai chuushinbu e no koutsuu shudan wa arimasu ka) – “Is there a way to get from the airport to the city center?”

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