77 Days – The Itinerary

I have always been an ambitious traveler. More recently, I have wanted to focus on staying in a certain places for a longer period of time, rather than go to many places. However, with Japan so far away, I am putting a lot of places into one visit. Here is a rough sketch of my plan:

  1. USA – Osaka
  2. Osaka to Koya
  3. Koyasan
  4. Kumano Kodo
  5. Kumano Kodo, Hongu to Kyoto
  6. Kyoto
  7. Kyoto to Tokyo
  8. Tokyo
  9. Tokyo to Osaka
  10. Osaka to USA

Phrase of the Day:

In Japanese, the word “忙しい” (いそがしい) can be used to express the idea of being busy. This word is often translated as “busy” in English. It can be used to describe someone or something that is occupied with a lot of tasks or activities and doesn’t have much free time.

For example, you could say “私は今日忙しいです” (わたしはきょういそがしいです) to mean “I am busy today.”

Other words that can be used to describe being busy in Japanese include “忙殺” (いそがしい), which means “overworked,” and “混雑” (こんざつ), which means “crowded” or “hectic.”

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