74 Days – Travel to Refresh the Mind

One of the greatest results of traveling is the new ideas that come when you are on the road. I always bring a notebook and something to write with – I prefer it to an electronic device – and record my thoughts when I am traveling. A change of scenery can do wonders for creative lapses.

Phrase of the Day:

Here are a few Japanese phrases related to creativity:

  • 創造性 (sōzōsei) – Creativity
  • 想像力 (sōzō-ryoku) – Imagination
  • 発想 (hassō) – Idea, thought, concept
  • 発明 (hatsumei) – Invention
  • 創意 (sōii) – Originality, inventiveness
  • 新しいアイデア (atarashii aidea) – New idea
  • クリエイティブ (kurieitibu) – Creative (borrowed from English)

Here’s how you might use these phrases in a sentence:

  • 私は常に創造性を持っていると思います。(I always think I have creativity.)
  • 彼は非常に想像力がある。(He has a very vivid imagination.)
  • 私はこのプロジェクトのためにいくつかの発想を持っている。(I have some ideas for this project.)
  • 彼女はとても創意あふれる人です。(She is a very original and inventive person.)
  • これはとても新しいアイデアです。(This is a very new idea.)

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