61 Days – Race Day

The day has arrived. With the race just hours away, there is little more to do but enjoy. Just like traveling, anticipation is a great deal of fun as is the experience. I will go early, trust in my preparation, and do my best to take it all in. During and after the race will be a celebration and I will be sure to reflect and record my experiences when it is all over.

Phrase of the Day:

Kanji: マラソンに出るんだね!頑張って!
Kana: マラソンにでるんだね!がんばって!
Romaji: “Marason ni deru n da ne! Ganbatte!”

Translation: “You’re running a marathon! Good luck!”

Kanji: ありがとうございます!頑張ります!
Kana: ありがとうございます!がんばります!
Romaji: “Arigatou gozaimasu! Ganbarimasu!”

Translation: “Thank you! I’ll do my best!”

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