50 Days – Read Every Day

My biggest advice to underachieving students and unhappy people is to read more. It takes time, it is slow, sometimes it is challenging to focus, but it is infinitely rewarding. One can be transported to any place or time and get a deep sense of what anothers experiences are like. I don’t like every book I read, I don’t finish every book I start, but I do try to read books I know I will like and books that with challenge me.

In terms of travel, before you go it is fun to read different stories from different times in the place you wish to travel. I always have a few books going at once and right now I am still working on Haruki Murakami’s Wind Up Bird Chronicle. When I can’t read, but can listen, I switch to audiobooks. Continuing the Murakami trend, I am listening to Dance, Dance, Dance. These are in addition to the books and articles that I have to read for work.

Phrase of the Day: Itterasshai (行ってらっしゃい) – See you later!

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