15 Days – Blogging until Travel

I started this at 108 days until my trip to Japan and have not missed a day, through holidays, busy work days, and travel. Looking back, it was an interesting exercise that gave me a chance to play with the blogging capabilities of ChatGPT and go further into a little Japanese history. The short posts on Yukio Mishima are the most popular according to Google Analytics. I abandoned the phrase a day about halfway through and wrote a number of posts that weren’t about Japan. Now, that there are only about two weeks until I depart, I reflect on what I’ve written and feel like it was interesting, but perhaps unecessary way to prepare. I am curious to see how as this blog changes from preparing to travel to Japan to an archive of that preparation how my opinion of it will change. Still, it was something to learn from and I always encourage self-challenges such as this as a way to get a richer understanding of the world and ourselves.

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