Leaving the PhD

In Fall 2019, I decided to take a leave of absence from my history PhD candidacy to search for a K-12 teaching job. In returning to K-12 education after three years in higher education, I knew how important finding the right school was and I wanted to focus all my resources on my search, which… Continue reading Leaving the PhD

A Book and a Backpack

I have written frequently in the past about books I’ve read and places to which I’ve traveled. In my upcoming posts, I will recount some of my favorite places and the books that accompanied me on my travels. This won’t be limited to places that I’ve been, but will also highlight places that I’d like… Continue reading A Book and a Backpack

Hour of History ver. 2021

Feliz año nuevo, 2021. This year, the Hour of History will take a different form from past versions. Although I will remind you to take a look at previously recorded podcasts from time to time, I will use this space to share interesting history that I come across in teaching, reading, and writing rather than… Continue reading Hour of History ver. 2021

Back to History

My apologies to fans and followers of the Hour of History Podcast, who have undoubtedly noticed its absence for the last few months. A temporary reorganization and hiatus from the podcast was necessary after a great run of new content that dated back to the podcast’s origins in 2017. This year, 2020, has been a… Continue reading Back to History