Franco after the War

We are looking at the Spanish Civil War in my 20th Century History Class and it still seems remarkable to me that Franco remained in power and pivoted to an internationally respected (or at least tolerated) status. Here is a conversation I had with an expert on Spain on the Hour of History Podcast:

Slavery and the Underground Railroad

In my US history class we are watching the film Harriet which brings up a lot of questions about slavery and the Underground Railroad. I had a couple great podcasts on the subject that remain relevant supplements to the heartbreaking story of people who fought hard for their freedom from slavery. You can hear my …

Leaving the PhD

In Fall 2019, I decided to take a leave of absence from my history PhD candidacy to search for a K-12 teaching job. In returning to K-12 education after three years in higher education, I knew how important finding the right school was and I wanted to focus all my resources on my search, which …

Poland 1939 – The Outbreak of World War II

I will start looking back at all of the episodes I recorded for the Hour of History Podcast, so they are searchable not only on Youtube but also this website. Let’s start with my conversation with Roger Moorhouse about his book on the Nazi invasion of Poland and the start of World War II.

St. Patrick’s Day

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! The first ever Hour of History episode was an experimental conversation about the origins and history of the patron saint of Ireland, who is the inspiration for the celebrations that take place all around the world on March 17. We came a long way from that first episode, and re-released it …

“The Dig” and Sutton Hoo

Just watched “The Dig” on Netflix and it reminded me of a fun conversation I had with Dr. Courtnay Konshuh on the Hour of History Podcast. We talked about Anglo-Saxons and where archaeology meets history and art. I still haven’t read Beowulf, but I will someday!