Haruki Murakami Library

In April, I visited the Haruki Murakami Library at Waseda University. Officially The Waseda International House of Literature, the building serves as a shrine to one of Japan’s most famous authors, Haruki Murakami. As well as housing first editions of all his literature published all over the world and a recreation of his writing space, …

On the Road

The next post will be after I return, notebook full of observations and enjoyments. First, a poem from Mizuharo Shuoishi: The bush warbler. The rain wouldn’t let up. The travel clothes. 鶯や 雨やむまじき 旅ごろも Uguisu ya/ Ame yamumaziki/ Tabi-goromo

21 Days – Old Map of Japan

Just like the old World Book encyclopedias, I could spend hours looking at old maps on wikipedia. There is so much information about Japan, the Dutch, and cross cultural interactions in the above map from 1890. How will people view the maps we have today in 2190?